tommy Williams

      Running for Orem City Council


I believe we need someone that represents the people of Orem, Utah.

Not another politician out for themselves.


As your Orem City Council Members, I will fight for your rights and freedoms.

It’s time for your voice to be heard.  I'll be working for you.


With your help I plan on working on the following issues:

*High Density Apartments  *Traffic Congestion  *Control Spending

*Giving You a Voice  *Help us get back to “Family City”

*And Other Concerns of Orem Residents have


Tommy Williams on the Issues


High Density Apartments:

My opinion is to stop the changing zoning laws. We shouldn't have to turn houses into high density apartments.



1.  All propositions and questions on a ballot should be open for people to see what’s happening.

2.  If any member of City Council or Mayor, or their family has business with a company they should remove themselves from any decision that will effect it.

3.  If they receive (and take) money from a business, then they should remove themselves from any decisions.



I think our education priorities should be established by parents, cities and the state.


Teachers, principals, cafeteria workers and janitors all are on the “Front Lines” at the schools. So I think it is really important to listen to what they have to say.


Campaign Contributions:

No “Out of State” political contributions (donations) should be allowed for Utah House/Senate/Governor/Local Government: elections in Utah.


Selling Alcohol on Sundays:

I would be for stopping the selling of alcohol on Sundays.




Other Issues:  



I am 100% Pro-Life.  I have been for protecting the rights of the unborn person my entire life.  

It should be defined as:  Pro-Life vs Pro-Murder (not pro-choice)


Alternative Energy / Environment:

I am for alternative energy sources that are renewable and have lower carbon emissions. Like; Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Biomass Energy, Hydroelectric energy.


Gay rights / Marriage:

I am against gay marriage.  The Bible clearly states Homosexuality is a sin. China (Atheist country) is against gays and China rejects same-sex marriage.


The (gays) don’t want equal rights or even tolerance, they want everyone to approve and only believe what they believe.  Gays want to take away our rights.  Churches would have to marry gays, gay Sunday school teachers, rent room in your home, babysitters, etc. You have no rights to choose and can be sued if you don’t want a gay person with your kids.


Hate Crimes:

It is time to eliminate “Hate Crimes” from the American Legal System.


Why is one person’s life worth more than another?



I think schools and libraries should block all pornography web sites. If someone is a child sex offender they should get life in prison. How is it you can serve a longer jail time for stealing a pack of gum than if you molest a child.  I think our priorities are messed up, and need to be fixed.


Transgender Bathrooms Law:

Thinking you are a different sex (psychological thought) is different than actually being that sex (physically). All your plumbing works the same.


I would try to get the following law:  Law for Bathrooms/Locker rooms/showers:  It should all boil down to what plumbing you have at the time the restroom is used.  If you have (below the waist) male part (men’s bathroom) or female part (women’s bathroom).  The people who aren’t sure if they are a boy or girl need to study an anatomy book. That should help.


Being born a boy or a girl is not a choice you are born with (boy plumbing or girl plumbing) that is a fact you can't dispute it. Being transgender is a choice that is also a fact it is NOT physical it is psychological. Big difference thinking you are a different sex is different than actually being that sex. All your plumbing works the same.

Why is it ok to infringe the rights of people who don’t want girls showering with boys.


Teenage boy (you can reverse girl for boy) who decides to identify as a girl walking into the girls locker room in high school. The girls shouldn't be forced to be seen by the boy nor should he be allowed to see them in the shower, or dressing. The boy would be infringing on the rights of everyone else.


Second Amendments Rights:

I believe the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees a fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms that applies to all Americans, regardless of where they live in the United States.


Gun control only hurts law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow laws.  “Gun bans don’t disarm criminals, gun bans attract them.” Walter Mondale.  Restricting more of American’s Freedoms when it comes to guns isn’t the answer






As your City Council Members, I will fight for your rights and freedoms.
It’s time for your voice to be heard.


I don’t take money from Businesses, or Groups. 

So I don’t “Payback” favors to people for getting elected


        Vote Tommy Williams

                                      Orem City Council